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Eager anticipation filled the airwaves as the talk of the greatest air race ever began to circulate through the world of aviation. Pilot after pilot got a glimmer in their eye as the thought of joining such a momentous occasion, the chance to represent their beloved state or home, the chance to be a hero. As the plans began to take shape, Papillon Productions came upon a realization . . . none of these valiant pilots were asking of the reward money or the incentives; they only spoke of the glory. These pilots from around the nation all wanted to be a part of this great race, and even though they were all so different, their reasoning's were similar. One crew of pilots representing each state, all racing to be the fastest across the finish-line.

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$1 million in cash and prizes will be distributed among pilots as they compete in the air and/or on the ground for 16 days as the teams of pilots accomplish the four-corner sprint in the fastest time!

We at Papillon Productions have worked long and hard on this production to make it a reality.  One thing we were told by one of the Vice-Presidents of television development at NBC Universal is that, 'You have only failed when you quit or give-up, and no one can ever utter those words about Papillon, it's staff and crew." Those words made me ever more determined to complete a dream I started with three years ago.  We have all come a long way and I realize that many pilots who saw my dream as a reality in the making, were the pilots who have stood by me since day one. Those pilots like Marwin and Darwin Goff, Randy Brookshire and Jim Chaney, Steve Applebaum and John Keating, Mark Phillips, Rachel and Frank Hoffmann, Rob Herndon, Dino Medori and Alexander Wagner, Ricky Day, Ashley Sheehan, Dana Martin-Whatley, Jerry Korteum and Michael Schmid, Nick Taracio and William G. Moore, Ron and Nancy Hawke, Michael Shields and Ric Gass, Mark Kiedrowski and Ron Spencer, Joel Juene and Scot Miles, Wade Thompson and Jim Wilson, Lance Wing, and many, many, many more.  With these pilots and several more we are determined to make history together.     

We have been asked to put the book on hold for sale across the country until the night the final episode aires on Network Television.

The actual start date for the race is posted in the secured pages of  the web site created for pilots as this information is for pilots and film crew only.  On the start date we will wish the Pilots luck and encourage them on their long journey. Suggestions of safety will be whispered as we remind them that they won't be able to enjoy the winnings if they never reach the final destination.  And, finally we will say a prayer for each pilot, each co-pilot, and each aircraft, as the greatest air race ever takes off?



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