About Us

The Great Automobile Race: 50 automobiles with 100 drivers traveling 10,000 miles around the Continental United States, touching all four corners for $1,000,000.00 in cash and prizes and nobody knows the finish-line but the Producer.

Papillon Productions is the sole owner of “The Great Automobile Race” incl. Copyright, Trademark and Patent.

TGAR has been in development for several years and is designed for Reality TV. Contestants will travel an average of 500 miles each day for 20 days although the entire event will take 22 days from start to finish. This includes one day for a meet and great ceremony before the race begins and a final banquette on the 22

Papillon Productions was informed by more than one network that it could expect a viewing audience of nearly 100 million viewers each week. The event was designed to promote The Republican Party as well as the Presidential Election.